Does Drinking Alcohol Help Men Last Longer in Bed?

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Antonio Abreu, DNP
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Sex and alcohol are not two very distant concepts from each other. It’s long been implied that alcohol acts like a love potion and an aphrodisiac that makes people take more sexual risks than if they were sober. At parties, booze is a staple drink that enables party-goers to loosen up more and lessen their inhibitions, so they could mingle and enjoy more. 

There are times when alcohol leads to sex. And there is no doubt that drinking alcohol before sex can turn up the heat, increase sexual desire, and make one lose their guard enabling riskier actions to take place as compared to when one is sober.

When it comes to drinking alcohol before sex, is it really more advantageous than when a person is sober? Does it lead to enhanced sexual performance and an overall better experience in the bedroom? 

How Alcohol Can Help with Premature Ejaculation

All over the world, men are most concerned about two things when it comes to sex: the natural size of their genitals, and how long they can last in bed. While there isn’t much that can be done with the size of a man’s penis, greater sexual stamina could enhance the sexual experience between partners.

The duration of lovemaking between couples is often determined by how long a man could last in bed. In an ideal and perfect world, it ought to be a synergy between two people doing the deed. But realistically speaking, this is often dependent on how well both partners involved in the act are familiar and knowledgeable of their own bodies. 

In most cases, if the man is able to hold it long enough before reaching climax, the better the drawn-out performance gets for both partners. This duration is determined by how long ejaculation happens, or the interval of sexual intercourse from the start of penetration up until the climax. On average, doing the deed lasts between 5 to 8 minutes, according to Dr. George Lee Eng Geap, a consultant urologist at Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and premature ejaculation happens when this time duration is shortened to less than one minute.

Premature ejaculation is considered a sexual dysfunction by the International Society of Sexual Medicine, due to the extremely short time duration of intercourse. In effect, most men who experience premature ejaculation are bothered by their condition, as much as their partners.

If we’re only talking about how alcohol turns up the heat in the bedroom, there is no doubt that liquor acts like an aphrodisiac that enhances sexual desire, and attraction, and boosts confidence with intimate partners. 

This is mainly due to how alcohol meddles with the communication pathways in the brain, affecting our judgment, throwing our guards down, and temporarily putting us in a state of illusion. When people have problems, drinking alcohol can serve as a temporary respite from their worries. In the same way, it does have a similar effect between sexual partners.

If we’re to examine the various effects of alcohol on sexual performance, it may interfere with people’s ability to achieve orgasm and experience sexual stimulation as well. Drinking alcohol causes communication signals between the brain and the genitals to go haywire and slow it down. In effect, this may result in difficulty reaching orgasm for women, or orgasm may take longer and be less intense. For men, drinking alcohol could interfere with the time duration of ejaculation. It may either come too quickly, or they could find it very hard to ejaculate during sex with alcohol in the picture. 

In most cases, heavy drinking leads to delayed ejaculation, which is ejaculation that occurs longer than 30 minutes after sexual stimulation. At other times, it can cause a man’s complete inability to ejaculate.

What are the general effects of alcohol on sexual function?

If we truly consider alcohol and how an individual gets influenced by it prior to sex, alcohol affects several aspects of sexual functions in the body.

It can lower libido or sex drive over time

Drinking liquor before sex may enhance a person’s sexual desire, but heavy drinking over time actually proves to be detrimental to a person’s sex drive or libido. The main reason for this is because of alcohol’s effects on the male sex hormone or testosterone, which causes levels of it to go down with regular and frequent drinking.

It can create fertility issues

Declining levels of testosterone physically affect a man in more ways than one. Alcohol which lowers T levels can dramatically affect a man’s ability to produce sperm, thereby, reducing fertility. As for women, drinking alcohol heavily could also lead them to stop ovulating. This causes fertility problems and more difficulty conceiving.

It causes sex organs to shrink

Heavy drinking over time could eventually affect a man’s testes and penis, causing them to shrink. This also affects women similarly; alcohol has the capacity to shrink women’s external genitalia.

It can put you at risk of STD

Due to how alcohol can lessen a person’s consciousness, lower one’s inhibitions, and generally affect overall judgment during sex, this leads to riskier actions such as unprotected sex. Alcohol may eventually cause people to get infected with sexually transmitted infections (STI) due to these reasons.

It can decrease sexual arousal

Alcohol may increase sexual attraction and desire, but this does not necessarily have a similar physiological effect on the genitalia. There is evidence showing that drinking alcohol tends to decrease genital response resulting in more difficulty with sexual arousal and orgasms becoming more difficult and harder to come by.

It can cause erectile dysfunction

Alcohol not only messes with physical arousal, but it tends to cause a decrease in blood flow in the penis, which could lead to erectile dysfunction. Heavy and regular drinking may eventually lead to a more permanent effect and cause erectile dysfunction in men.

It can be harder to get wet

Similar to men, drinking alcohol affects the body’s physiological response to sexual stimulation in women. In effect, regular alcohol consumption could make it harder for women to get wet as vaginal wetness is compromised alongside the brain’s inability to communicate swiftly.

Key Takeaways

Alcohol is a huge part of our lives from social drinking to personal consumption habits, and when it comes as a stimulant before sex, it can interfere with several sexual functions in the body such as hasten ejaculation or prolong it. 

In cases where alcohol consumption becomes heavy and regular, it may ultimately compromise the ejaculation process. During sex, ejaculation may take more than 30 minutes, and sometimes, ejaculation could become completely impossible for men to achieve. There are other sexual functions compromised by too much alcohol consumption such as a decrease in sexual arousal, difficulty reaching orgasm, lower libido levels, and even may lead to erectile dysfunction.

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