Erectile Dysfunction: Early Warning Signs and Its Associated Conditions

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Antonio Abreu, DNP
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erectile dysfunction

Sexual health makes up a huge aspect of a person’s life affecting several key areas of their well-being such as a man’s physical vitality, their mental and emotional health, and even someone’s social well-being. As something that’s wired in human nature, sex enables procreation, intimacy between couples, and offers a distinct way for individuals to enjoy their life and sexuality like no other.

But as with everything in life, sexual health can be a source of problem at times. For men, erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual health condition that interferes with living their best life or in the way they are meant to live it out.

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man experiences either difficulty getting an erection or difficulty keeping an erection. Due to either of these symptoms, his sexual life ultimately becomes a source of distress and anxiety rather than one of enjoyment (human sexuality is designed to be a source of pleasure, not distress).

Some men might experience difficulty getting an erection from time to time. And with age, this even becomes a more common experience. But this condition does not always develop into a disorder that we know as erectile dysfunction. The true marker of the dysfunction lies in how frequently this happens. If it occurs more frequently, it might be time to seek guidance on how to go about it from your trusted medical doctor.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction might be familiar for men, but it is never a positive experience for anyone to go through. It not only feels unpleasant, but it can cause tension in relationships, creating mental distress in the form of sexual anxiety performance (SAP), self-esteem issues, and may even lead to depression. Not to mention that it could also be a marker of more serious health worries such as cardiovascular problems, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others.

When erectile dysfunction happens, it means that there is no sufficient blood flowing in the penis long enough to keep an erection. A man’s inability to get an erection may signify the presence of underlying health conditions such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Even with age, erectile dysfunction does not become an acceptable condition. If erectile dysfunction occurs at least 25% of the time or even higher, it would be best to consult a doctor’s advice regarding this at the soonest time possible.

Erectile Dysfunction Signs and Symptoms

So many men around the world are affected by erectile dysfunction. Due to the particularly sensitive nature of this common men’s health issue, most men would prefer to disregard and stay discreet about it at the expense of their well-being. Even though it is a common experience for a lot of men, this men’s health issue is never normal, not even with age.

There are three very common symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

1-Inability to get an erection at most times: 

This can pose a huge discomfort and mainly cause anxiety especially when a man wants to have sex but cannot get an erection occasionally.

2-Inability to maintain an erection:

In some cases, men are able to get an erection, but only for a very short amount of time. As a result, they can’t sustain it long enough until sex is complete, and are therefore unable to enjoy the act.

3-Inability to get an erection no matter what:

When getting an erection becomes next to impossible, it could be a sign of underlying health worries that generally need a medical doctor’s guidance. Being unable to get an erection all the time should ring the alarm bell for any man.

Experiencing either of these symptoms accompanied by the frequency is usually the most obvious sign and presence of erectile dysfunction.

Understandably, it could make a lot of men feel uncomfortable, but there is no other way to deal with this safely than to seek a doctor. The good news is that erectile dysfunction can be treated (majority of the cases are).

Other Conditions Associated with E.D.:

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can come with highly-related conditions

Erectile dysfunction typically leads to other symptoms that will necessitate any man’s attention and a doctor’s advice – because who could ignore these in the long term?

  • Premature ejaculation

This happens when the man ejaculates shortly at the beginning of penetration. When the man releases semen too soon, sex ends abruptly even right before the deed is finished or both partners are satisfied. As a result, this leads to unsatisfactory sex for the man and his partner.

  • Delayed ejaculation

On the other hand, this type of ejaculation happens when a man cannot ejaculate even after enough time has passed during sex. When a man cannot release semen despite a reasonable amount of sexual stimulation, this causes confusion, worry, anxiety, and affect a man’s self-esteem creating tension in the relationship.

  • Retrograde ejaculation

There are also instances when a man releases semen but it goes straight into the bladder. When seminal fluid doesn’t pass through the penis and consequently disables a man from reaching sexual climax, they experience a condition known as retrograde ejaculation. 

  • Anejaculation

Anejaculation is a condition when a man cannot ejaculate at any given moment during sex, regardless if sufficient time has passed.

  • Reduced Sex Drive

A reduced sex drive or libido may result consequently from erectile dysfunction. While a lack of sex drive is not typically a cause for concern and can be quite common in fact, it may also signify other medical-related worries. In most cases, it is a direct result of low hormone levels.

  • Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is the medical term used to describe the condition men have when they have difficulty becoming aroused and reaching orgasm even after sufficient sexual stimulation. Not being able to reach climax causes worry for men and may create tension between them and their partners.

  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

The pelvic floor is what enables men to keep an erection, and when erectile dysfunction occurs, a pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is also more likely. This condition is experienced by men when they accidentally leak urine or get a sudden urge to pass urine during strenuous activities such as running, jumping, or sneezing. Stool leakage is also likely when the pelvic floor muscles are not functioning properly.

  • Low Testosterone Levels

Erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels. Low T is medically diagnosed when the levels already fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Because the male hormone has several important functions in a man’s body, it likely affects and causes several dysfunctions in other areas of the body as well including erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, low semen volume, fatigue, decreased bone mass, and higher body fat, among others.

Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Mental Well-being:

In many ways, erectile dysfunction affects a man’s emotional health and even his close, intimate relationship. It inevitably creates unnecessary tension and possibly, a loss of intimacy – if honest and open communication doesn’t happen – due to experiencing an unfulfilling sex life. 

A man could feel depressed, worried, and experience sexual performance anxiety that can only put a strain on relationships. Not to mention that erectile dysfunction also makes it more challenging to conceive, for couples who are trying to make this a goal.

If you’re a man experiencing any of the common signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction, addressing this condition with your doctor at the soonest time possible is best. We know this doesn’t come with zero discomforts for most men, which is why we created Thrones Health precisely for your needs.

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