Why Telemedicine is Important Nowadays

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Antonio Abreu, DNP
Written by Thrones Editorial Team

Telemedicine is the practice of providing remote medical services with the aim of delivering effective patient care through the use of technology. The use of telemedicine in the field of clinical and medical services has massively reduced medical visits and streamline the process for hospitals and clinics, saving time and cost for patients and health care providers, alike.

In the time of Covid-19, when the world nearly came to a full stop for a period of time, telemedicine grew immensely useful. This was bought by how the virtual medical service effectively addressed the growing concerns of needing to see a doctor for consultation, but only within the safety of one’s remote location. 

As not all patient consultations require a doctor’s visit at a hospital or clinic, telemedicine effectively addressed a hugely important concern at the time: safety. And with that became widely popular as it became the go-to for digitally-savvy patients and their families. Telemedicine services have played a major role in the modern healthcare industry’s reinvention. Needless to say, it’s also a crucial part in the evolving healthcare infrastructure of America.

Importance of Telemedicine

Although telemedicine services only grew immensely popular in the recent decade, its use began as early as the 1950s when a few university medical centers tried to find ways to share information through the telephone. Eventually, there were two health centers from Pennsylvania that successfully transmitted radiologic images over the phone. And during the late 1960s, the disruptive telemedicine technology was used for the needs of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Nebraska Psychology Institute. In its earliest adaptation, telemedicine was mainly used to connect doctors to other specialists from other regions.

Though its importance cannot be trivialized, there were countless barriers that prevented the widespread use of telemedicine services. Important factors such as regulatory, financial, and technological constraints were abundant and seemingly challenging. 

But with the striking growth of digital technology over the recent years also ushered in some of the most profound changes and progress of telemedicine. With the widespread use and ownership of smartphones, transmitting data and videos ultimately became the norm and has formed an important groundwork for telehealth services to become accepted and used by many.

The use of telemedicine services in lieu of in-person clinic visits comes with a slew of advantages for both patients and healthcare providers:

Advantages to Patients:

  1. Receive clinical services from the comforts of home or workplace

One of the most striking features of telemedicine services to patients is the convenience of gaining access to medical / clinical services right within the comforts of their homes and offices. If their concerns can be dealt with by a virtual consultation with a doctor, there’s no more need to go out of the house or workplace to visit them at the clinic. 

  1. Less to No Travel Expenses

There is no more need to go out of one’s remote location just to be able to see and talk to a doctor which could also mean saving on traveling expenses that patients coming from rural areas would often incur during an in-person visit.

  1. Save Lots of Time

Time is valuable for both doctors and patients. One of the charms of telemedicine is the capability of saving valuable time from queueing up at the doctor’s clinic to waiting for your turn which could take hours. With clear-cut appointment schedules, all you need is to book a time slot that suits you and your doctor, and show up right at the hour.

  1. Less Interference with Other Responsibilities

Traditional in-person clinical visits require patients to book appointments and be out of their homes or workplaces for several hours during the day to visit the doctor at the clinic for only a few minutes of consultation. But with telemedicine services, there’s less interference with other responsibilities as virtual consultations are done by appointments. With set expectations, it saves both the patient and the medical doctor plenty of time within minimal interruptions to normal routine and daily responsibilities.

  1. Privacy

Too often, there is an attached yet unspoken anxiety about seeing the doctor. Reasons range from fear of finding out what could be wrong in terms of one’s health to feeling shame about a particular health issue that bothers you. Telemedicine services address the need for privacy and discretion that a lot of concerned patients are in need of.

Advantages to Healthcare Providers:

  1. Improved Health Clinic Workflow

Telemedicine definitely comes with attractive benefits to healthcare practitioners and providers. One of the most important is how it enables for a more efficient workflow. As hospitals and clinics are able to streamline their processes of attending to patients, services become smoother, faster, and more reliable for patients to keep returning to. With more efficiency comes heightened productivity for health clinics.

  1. Better Patient Follow-through

Telemedicine will never be completely a substitute for in-person clinic visits. But when it comes to patient follow-through, there is no better way to conduct follow-ups and receive feedback than with a more organized system in place. In this way, hospitals and clinics are able to monitor patients more systematically resulting in significant improvement for patient care.

  1. Fewer Missed Appointments

It’s harder to keep track of patients and their specific medical records manually. Although this has been done throughout the years, systematizing the whole process just makes everything easier, a win in any medical doctor’s book. As healthcare providers want the best outcome for their patients, it’s harder to keep track when they do not show up during scheduled appointments. With telemedicine’s convenience and accessibility that lures concerned patients to show up consistently, it’s a lot more promising for doctors to deliver the best outcome to their patients.

Thrones Health: A Telemedicine Services Provider for Men’s Healthcare

There is a well-established stereotype that men don’t go to the doctor as much as women. This is proving to be true even today as one survey depicted 72% of a sample of 1,174 adult men responded with disinterest over seeing their doctor / getting a regular checkup. Due to how men are built to rely on their strength, visiting a doctor to get a check-up does not really rank high on their list of priorities. Consequently, this causes men to dodge even much-needed consultations with their physician. Having identified a need to address this, Thrones Health was established to fill in the missing gap of a discreet, telemedicine service specifically for men’s health care. 

Thrones Health is a telemedicine service company providing telehealth and aesthetic medical services to men with a primary focus on sensitive health concerns such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and hair loss, among others. We are a US-based health clinic offering thorough, personalized, and patient-focused clinical assessments to men’s most pressing health-related issues. Above everything else, we prioritize your safety and need for privacy by ensuring you get top quality prescription medicines discreetly and straight to your front door.

Becoming part of the modern healthcare industry’s reinvention, our mission is to change the conversation around men’s health issues, and make healthcare more accessible, inclusive, cost-effective, and convenient even for the gents.

Key Takeaways

Even though telemedicine will never be completely a substitute for in-person clinic visits, it has already contributed massively to the improvements in the healthcare industry. As it continues to fill in many gaps in the current healthcare infrastructure, it is only expected to continuously evolve and grow through the years with constraints on financial, regulatory, and digital technology that used to hamper its progress evidently get smaller and less of a worry.

Telemedicine is at the forefront of our world’s new normal and we are only expected to see it expand in scope and introduce several improvements in the years to come.

Look after your health and wellness today at Thrones Health. Let us be your partner in achieving more vitality so you can live life to the fullest! Visit Thrones Health to learn more about how we can help you. Better yet, email us your concerns at careteam@throneshealth.com or text us at +1 (844) 948-4758. Get started today!

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